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In year 4 at primary I remember his teacher preaching to me. "Your son is not dyslexic, he is just naughty and lazy!" Oh how I would love to go and see her having now paid for a full assessment at the begining of year 10 to let her know the result: as SEVERLY dyslexic! 
School was very difficult as in the late 40's there was no such thing as dyslexia. I knew I had a problem, my head was full of good ideas but because of my spelling I could not use them, also my memory was terrible so I struggled to keep up but managed to hide a lot of it. 
One child never picked up a pen, was the last to bring home a reading book from school and sat and cried or walked out of the class room when asked to write down his weekend ' news' on a Monday morning at primary school. One managed well until she was 7 and had no problem with reading and actually enjoyed it so much she was quite a prolific reader. 
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